Referral Bonus

The GTA CASH REWARDS Referral Program

We at GTA have a lot of great openings and we need your help in filling them. ALL of the openings are online at for your review.

We have new CASH rewards to share with you. There are two ways to win them. First, you can forward our website to your friends and family members and tell them if they apply to GTA to send their email to me, Ron Peace ([email protected]). I will forward it to my recruiters to follow up with them.

How To Structure Your E-mail

In the Subject line, you need to include your name in order for us to know they were your referral.
Example : Referral from your name: Resume of Bill Smith

Option #2

The second way to win CASH rewards is to email us the name and contact info of your referral and we will reach out to them directly. Again in the Subject line, include your name as follows:

Contact info for Bill Smith: from your name.

The Rules:

  • As long as the person is not already being actively recruited for the same job you′re referring them for – we will pay the bonuses.
  • Contract Bonus is: $250 per contract hire – payable 90 days after start date.
  • Direct Hire Bonus is: $500 per direct hire – payable 90 – 180 days after start date (depends on the customer site).
  • Total payments above $600 per year will require a W9 to be completed if you are not already an employee of GTA Professional Staffing.
  • The top referral winner for the year will receive an additional $2500 reward at the end of each calendar year.
  • There is NO LIMIT to the amount of referrals you can make and be paid for. Please send all referrals ONLY from your personal email accounts as we don′t want you to use the customer′s time and equipment for the GTA bonus programs. I′m sorry, but any email from a customer account will be deleted without review.
  • In the event of duplicate submissions, the first one in is eligible for the reward if they are both for the same job. If the same candidate is submitted by different people for two different jobs – whichever one he is hired for would be paid.

If any questions, please email me directly at [email protected].
Good luck and happy hunting!!

Ron Peace
Executive Vice President